Hua-Kai Tsai 《Professor》

Highest Degree: Ph.D, Kobe University, Japan
Specialty: Private International Law、 Civil Procedure Law in International Litigation
Laboratory: Room 613
Extension Number: 35123
E-mail: lawhkt@ccu.edu.tw

Chien-Hung Liu 《Professor》

Highest Degree: Dr. Jura, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg, Germany
Specialty: Constitutional Law、 Administrativ Law、 Administrativ Procedure Law
Laboratory: Room 313
Extension Number: 35120
E-mail: liuchienhung@hotmail.com

Chun-Wei Lo 《Professor》

Highest Degree: Ph. D, National Cheng Chih University
Specialty: Maritime Law、 Insurance Law、 Law of the Sea
Laboratory: Room 403
Extension Number: 35122
E-mail: lochunwei@hotmail.com

Tsung-Sheng Liao 《Professor》

Highest Degree: S.J.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Specialty: International Environmental Law, International Energy Law, International Human Rights Law, International Trade Law, Climate Change Law and Policy
Laboratory: Room 516
Extension Number: 35115
E-mail: lawtsl@ccu.edu.tw

Cheng-Chia Wang 《Professor》

Highest Degree: Ph.D, National Taiwan University
Specialty: Criminal Law、 Criminal Procedure、 Criminal Law of Economic
Laboratory: Room 419
Extension Number: 35126
E-mail: ooseika@ccu.edu.tw

Hung-Hui Yang 《Professor》

Highest Degree: Ph.D, National Cheng Chih University
Specialty: Civil Law、 Consumer Protection Law、 Fair Trade Law
Laboratory: Room 418
Extension Number: 35128
E-mail: hhyang@ccu.edu.tw

Yun-Ju Wang 《Professor》

Highest Degree: Dr. Jura, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Specialty: Constitutional Law、 Administrativ Law、 History of Constitutional Law
Laboratory: Room 611
Extension Number: 35114
E-mail: lawyjw@ccu.edu.tw

Chao-Yu Chou 《Professor》

Highest Degree: Ph.D, Osaka University, Japan
Specialty: Labor Law、 Civil Law、 Employment Discrimination Law
Laboratory: Room 322
Extension Number: 35131
E-mail: lawiku@ccu.edu.tw