※ 2019 Fall Graduate Courses (link

1. Specialized Courses Credits: 

We provide an opportunity for those who are interested in legal studies to pursue their advanced studies in Taiwan. Students are required to take and pass 18 credits of specialized courses, not including the thesis and foreign languages credits, during the years of their Ph.D. program.


2. Language Credits

Students in the Ph.D. program are required to take 8 credits of one foreign language for law (including selected readings from foreign legal canons). If a student takes two foreign languages at the same time, he or she should select one of them and take an advanced course. Students can waive at most 4 credits of foreign language if they have taken extra foreign language for law courses during their graduate program. Exceptions require approval at a department meeting. Ph.D. students who obtained a Masters degree in law at a university in Britain, America, Germany, France, or Japan which are recognized by the Ministry of Education are exempt from the foreign language requirement. 

3. Thesis

Students are required to write a thesis and pass the oral defense.