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※ 2019 Fall Undergraduate Courses (link

1. Courses :

To equip students with the primary legal lore and to help them prepare for the national examination or for future jobs after graduation, our department provides common required courses, specialized required courses, and specialized elective courses, as well as free elective courses which can help prepare the student for advanced studies. Furthermore, we collaborate with legal clinics to give students the opportunity to deal with actual cases and develop practical skills.


2. Programs and Credits:

There are two Programs in the undergraduate division: the Science of Law Program and the Legal Institutions Program. In both Programs, students are required to take and pass 134 credits, including 28 liberal arts credits, 62 credits in common required courses, 12 credits in specialized required courses, 10 credits in specialized elective required courses, 10 credits in specialized elective courses, and 10 credits in free elective courses before graduation.