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    The CCU Graduate Institute of Law culminates in a Master of Law degree (LL.M.). The six divisions and their specialties are as follows: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Labor and Social Law, and International Law. The Division of Civil Law specializes in Family Law, Property Law, Civil Procedure Law, Enforcement Law, and Bankruptcy Law. The Division of Criminal Law focuses on Criminal Legal Theory, Criminal Procedure Law and Evidence Law. The Division of Public Law focuses on Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. The Division of Labor Law and Social Law specializes in Social Welfare Law and Labor Law. The Division of International Law focuses on International Law, Conflicts of Law, Marine Law and International Economic Law. The Division of Fundamental Law focuses on Sociology of Law, jurisprudence, and Legal History.

    The CCU Graduate Institute of Law offers an E.LL.M. Program (Executive Master of Law). The E.LL.M. Program is for students who wish to pursue legal study but who already have successful ...utive work experience. The E.LL.M. Program has two divisions: Division of Judicial Science and Division of General Master of Law. The former will enhance the student’s ability at both the theoretical and practical level. The latter will help students add an advanced legal perspective to their existing professional capability.
    The CCU Graduate Institute of Law also offers a Ph.D. degree which will provide advanced legal courses and academic training for those who are interested in pursuing an academic career.